The beauty of iron, corrugated fence and raw steel fence is imaginable!  We can manufacture just about anything you can imagine.


We offer ornamental fence, which usually comes prefabricated, and not to complicated to install.  It comes in black and bronze finish.  The finish is also maintenance free.


Using the raw steel will eventually rust and make your fence even more eye appealing then ever.  The rust look is making a good come back, either letting it naturally rust, or we can have it powder coated that color.  There are many colors available for powder coating.


We make custom gates to beautify your entry way to your property.  We can install a gate operator solar or electric, photo eyes, cameras, and you can operator your gate with the use of your cell phone.  We have an IDEA certified automated gate system designer, and technician on site for all your designing and troubleshooting needs.

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